Suatu hari......

Cinta bertaNya KepaDa PersaHabaTan,
"Mengapa engKau DipErLukaN,,..sedangkan MereKa Dah Ada Aku???????

Persahabatan Pun MenjawAb,
"SebaB, Aku BeriKan MereKa SeNyumaN ketiKa Kau beriKan KekEceWaaN..."

Hargai rakan anda ... Hargai juga DIA .

Impian Si Cinderella ~

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Monday, 16 February 2015


I dont know why. If it comes about Abah... my tears will always want to fall. Always. Moreover when I'm far away with him. I miss him very very much... how much i appreciate him..... for all his done. ... i know i never be a good daughter ... but I'll always wanna be the best for him.. try with all heart to not burden him.... but... as i am far from him, I slowly become forgotten. What my family do at home. How hard Abah work to earn money for us....... I'm neglecting my responsibility to him.  To all my family. Urgg... Anak mcm apa lah aku ni..... Every second,  he always want the best for me eventhough he didn't show it... aku patut tahu.. Aku patut sedar semua tu..... Dont be selfish .. Syahira.. Balik rumah . Meet him. Tell him u really love him. Miss him ... 😢

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dua characters

Aku ada dua watak kot... the one who is really shy, quiet girl... and the other one is really talkative, funny girl...
I wanna be myself ! But both are myself.....
I used to be a quiet girl... but then, i become a very talkative one.
And now... my two personality happen both ... i don't know what happening to me... ya, it's really normal ... maybe i just can't find friends that really match with me... not because of those are bad.. they're good enough... but aku tak ngam dgn mereka.... sangat..

Friday, 26 September 2014

Fly over

Okey.. nanti dulu cite pasal u k...
Sekarang ni , i feel very very down... just becaise i can't speak english.... and having so nervous when public speaking, people do look down upon me... they look very down... hurmm.... i'm tired.. all of my life.. people do look me like that..... I want someone near me, understand me....
I wanna control my nervousness.. I want to having such a great time here... I wanna have my confidence... i know they are very2 clever.. compared to me.. nothing.. hey, it just because biology is not my profession... i do love it, but i don't like it... My brain, my soul, my heart are not in biology.. I love mathematics... .  If they are in my place, i'm sure they are not good enough actually... berlagak je lebih... and i hate those people... mentang2 lah u guys expert on what we are learning right now... uolls boleh cakap lah... stand right there... I will stand up and go to the front of u... don't look down  upon me.. I'll show u the great Syahira who are standing just behind u ....

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